Feb 26, 2018
Positive experience - pre communication could be improved
Driver was great - good driver, spoke Good English and attentive to us and our needs. Car was very clean.

Reason not a 5 star is because we were at a private house and wanted to confirm the address and after multiple attempts of calling we were never able to connect with anyone. We had a local number and a 1800 number and both were not being picked up. Our concern the driver wouldn’t know where to go was confirmed - as it took him 20 minutes to find the place and he never called the contact number provided (assume because it was a US number). The delay was only 10 minutes to us, as he would have been 10 minutes early but we had no communication through this and couldn’t get through to confirm a car was coming. And we knew finding alternative transport would take awhile.

Discoverymundo answered:

Hello Tara,

Thank you for sharing your review with Discovery Mundo. In cases like this we always check our voicemails and emails constantly in case you want to change anything in your reservation. If you travel again soon do not hesitate to book with Discovery Mundo!!

Discovery Mundo Team