Erica Alejandro
Jan 30, 2015
Always on time
It was so nice walking out of the airport knowing that someone was waiting for me so that I didn't have to worry about finding a taxi, etc. My return flight ended up being earlier than when I first booked, so I had my hotel concierge call Discovery Mundo the night before, and they already knew about the reschedule, so it was no problem for them to pick me up from Puerto Juarez' Ultramar an hour earlier than what was on my original reservation. Both drivers, to and from, were not only ON TIME, but EXTREMELY courteous and friendly. For all I know, they were annoyed with me for practicing my broken Spanish on them, but they never let on. I tipped well, and they deserved it. I'll definitely book again.

Discoverymundo answered:

Dear Erica it is really gratifying for us knowing that everything went as planned and that you had such a great experience, thats our main goal. We hope to serve you again in the near future!