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Smooth Ride from Cancun to Tulum

A ride without enjoying it is not a ride at Discovery Mundo. On this post, I will explain you with details of how is the experience of a smooth ride from Cancun International Airport to the beautiful and relax center of Tulum, in few words from Cancun to Tulum.

First of all, if you are arriving at Cancun International Airport for the first time you must know that there are 3 international terminals and 2 National terminals. Depending in which terminal you are arriving would be the pickup, but in general, just right outside the terminal for Hotel Shuttles / Transportation Companies you will find your representative holding a sign with the logo of Discovery Mundo and if you book with more than 24 hours in advance, He will also have your name.

Terminal 4 in Cancun International Airport

Arriving at Cancun International Airport can be really excited and a little messy, more if you know you are taking a long trip from Cancun to Tulum. After you pass immigration and baggage claim, the first impression of your vacation (besides the INCREDIBLE view from the window of the airplane) will be maybe a bunch of representatives telling you a lot of things like: “Hey, do you want free vacations for a year?”, it’s kind of funny sometimes…Anyway, after all of that and passing the exit door to the terminal, you will find the representatives area, don’t freak out, be happy you made it!

Transportation Voucher

A good tip: be prepared with your arrival instructions, find out which is the meeting point for your terminal and the representative will be there looking for you in case he doesn’t see you around first.

Meeting points at Cancun International Airport:
Terminal 1: It has just one exit. You exit directly to pick up area after picking up your luggage.
Terminal 2 – National: Coconut Bar
Terminal 2 – International: Welcome Bar
Terminal 3: Margaritaville
Terminal 4: Platform C

Once you meet your representative, he will call your driver and guide you to the corresponding park area.

Terminal 3 in Cancun International Airport

The driver will help you with your bags, open the door for you and give you a Happy Welcome to Cancun =) He will also confirm your destination, in this case: Cancun to Tulum!

Once you get outside the airport, from Cancun to Tulum it might be a little traffic between the intersection to get outside the avenue of the airport and in Playa del Carmen (500 meters or 1 km approximately of traffic).

Departing Cancun International Airport

Traffic hours: 8:00 – 9:00 AM / 12:00 – 14:00 PM / 18:30 – 19:30 PM

Another tip to enjoy the ride from Cancun to Tulum: ask your customer agent to include some drinks for the ride, Discovery Mundo offers beer, soda, juices or water for only 2 USD each, this will allow you and your friends to enjoy the ride like if you are in a VIP movie!

You will be traveling on air conditioner, brand new model unit, happy driver, drinks, snacks and also, you can connect the music of your preference to the radio!

So what is exactly on the way? You will see a lot of trees, all-inclusive hotels, the main parks like Xplor, Xoximilco, Xel Ha, tours for Cenotes, restaurants and local business.

If you didn’t have the time to exchange your USD to Mexican pesos at the airport, you can ask your driver to make a quick stop in a trust money exchange, a good change for 1 dollar is 17 to 18 Mexican pesos. Here is the correct website to look the exchange

Almost at the end of your trip from Cancun to Tulum, note that the street in Tulum is very short so it will take a while to pass the hotel zone, but the view is great!

Tulum Restaurants

You will find a lot of very cute and unique restaurants, almost all of them have vegetarian food, relax people riding bicycles and tourist. Tulum is a very quiet, nature and peaceful place. Here more about what to do in Tulum

Hungry in your arrival? Find out the best restaurants in Tulum

I hope this information helps you to improve your ride from Cancun to Tulum. =)

What to do in Tulum, Mexico

Why is everyone so obsessed with Tulum? On the southern end of Riviera Maya lies the incredible town of Tulum. This magical place is a paradise for everyone. I love places in touch with nature, the sea and peace.. where you can lay in a hammock at night watching starry skies, hearing the sound of the ocean and breathing the salty air.

In Tulum; you will find ecological hotels, bohemian bars, local taco trucks and artists. Travelers and people who visit are not seeking to change to local customs.. Each person in Tulum follows their own path and blend themselves creating an interesting atmosphere!

What to do in Tulum, Mexico? Here are some things you are probably gonna do:

1. Walk in the picturesque streets

What-to-do-in-tulum-n-1This interesting environment is unique, you will love to explore those streets and turning like a local. The morning is for shopping, trying some of the food at the corners and the nights turns lively for spending the night at bohemian bars.

2. Ride a bike on Tulum’s beach road

What-to-do-in-tulu-2When you stay in a hotel in Tulum, you’ll probably get a bike for free but if not, you can rent a bike. This is pretty cool because you can watch all the local stores, people at the beach and if you hold, you can visit the Mayan Ruins.

3. Discover the Mayan Ruins of Tulum


Tourists love it for being the only archaeological site built overlooking the ocean. Take this tour by walking throught all the structures and the most iconic, “El Castillo” is disposed on the edge of a cliff overlooking the clear turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. 

4. Hit to Playa Paraiso

What-to-do-in-tulum-n3Go to the south along the road to Boca Paila and you’re gonna find Playa Paraiso “Paradise Beach”. This name is real for that clear ocean and white sand. There are many lockers and change rooms to save your clothes for a while, also a restaurant and many local food in the area to buy some snacks or drinks.

5. Eat Tacos

C-3Starving or not, tacos are a must!!! Tulum has insane, good and delicious tacos. The best ones are found on the streets. If you head to Tulum’s downtown area, get to “Antojitos La Chiapaneca” to try the best tacos al pastor in all Tulum. Each one is seven pesos. Put all the salsas in your tacos and just be careful with the spicy ones.

6. Have a tropical drink

c4While cackling with your accompaniment you must try one of the famous beach drinks: Coconut, Piña Colada, Mezcal,  Maracuya, Mojito, etc.

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