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Places to visit in Christmas

New York.

For most of the people, Christmas is the best time for the city of New York. During this time, people tend to go shopping at retail markets, ice skating at Rockefeller Center and many more events, which is why New York is known as the city of holidays. On December 25 is Christmas Day and New Yorkers leave their jobs to join the family, in many cases, out of town.


Christmas in Berlin should be on your bucket list. This monumental city offers tourist and citizens one of the best Christmas festival, the city is covered in snow and combined with colored lights.

To combat the cold, there is nothing better to have a typical bratwurst accompanied by mulled wine in a street stall. Spending Christmas time in Strasbourg is wonderful, germanic traditions, can boast the oldest Christmas market in France.

This is the Christkindelsmärik, that between Christmas decorations and nativity scenes also offers rich confection accompanied by mulled wine. Also the markets offers the flavors of Alsace in the Place des Meuniers; or the Bredle in Austerlitz Square, famous for its delicious Christmas cookies.


London is one of the World’s capitals where it is worth traveling at Christmas. The city sparkles with all garlands games and lights illuminating parks, streets and malls. The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, the ice rink under the London Eye, known as the Eyeskate, or Winter Wonderland Christmas market in the center of Hyde Park are just a few of the attractions to live as a true Londoner. For the sweet tooth, it’s a good time to test the English Christmas pudding.

Rio de Janeiro.

Joy and fun in the sun of popular rhythms that invites you to the party. Free from any shelter, provides the world’s largest in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro tree.


Paris monuments adorned all with the arrival of Christmas. The ‘City of Light’ shines brighter than ever and that’s why she could not forget Christmas in that ranking. Memorable view is illuminated Champs Elysees, as well as department stores such as Printemps and Lafayette or the big wheel in the Place de la Concorde. To celebrate well the last day of the year, nothing better than a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants of the Eiffel Tower. The views over the city certainly leaves us speechless.

If you have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s eve would be definitely something you will never forget in your life and hope that you enjoy with loved ones and everything is prosperity and love, this are the sincere wishes of those who take part of Discovery Mundo and certainly we hope to see you soon when you get to one of these destinations.

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An Endless Ecuador

You can travel around Ecuador easily, well here we have beach in the coast, volcanoes in the mountains, jungles of the Amazon with the greatest biodiversity in the world, and the Galapagos Island, a magical place where you can swim with sea lions, turtles, sharks, etc.

This time I’ll tell you about how amazing the Mountains of Ecuador is, where is the route of the volcanoes in the Andes, which covers all of South America from Venezuela to Corona de Fuego between Chile and Argentina.

Cuenca, capital of Azuay province a place full of mountains, natural lakes in the mountains, animals that inhabit the area.

The Cajas National Park, where are more than 170 lagoons, which create an incredible landscape from the road, where 3km further on is the Laguna La Toreadora, if you travel by land observing the landscape, it is located 5 hours of Guayaquil on the coast, with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius which creates an very nice atmosphere .


I made this trip with the group of Tourism at my university, was an organized trip between students and the teacher, a person who really knows the country more than anyone I know. She traveled around the country in an effort to learn more about what it’s like tourism, she even lived in a community in the Amazon with the Shuar tribe, but she had to leave the community after six months on the Jivaro belief.

While we were on our way towards basin along the road right next to the Cordillera Chongon Colonche one of the mountain ranges located in the Coast Ecuador, you could see that gradually the landscape and vegetation was taking different forms and engaging the temperature which is increasingly going down slowly and suddenly you could see that we were enveloped by mountains and colossal landscapes who sincerely draw attention when you’re.

On a sunny day, if you stopped very intently on a clear day you could see what far the Chimborazo volcano, the volcano and the highest mountain of Ecuador, and the further from the center point on earth.

Once we got to Cuenca we went straight to find a hotel in which we could staying since we had booked did not receive our confirmation voucher, find a hotel near the Cathedral of Cuenca, a very quiet and nice budget priced place, had hot water, cable TV, the lobby looks very nice and elegant, included breakfast which was scrambled eggs, bread, milk, coffee, juice, fruits, jams, etc.

In the evening we strolled through the city, which has many excellent churches and colonial streets, very close to everything. A group of students was partying, another group just wanted to eat something and enjoy a quiet night and that’s Basin can do a little of everything.

The next day we all met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant to visit the Mirador El Turi where you can see the whole city as it is surrounded by mountains.

To travel to Cuenca I consider it is ideal to get moderately warm, the weather is really nice maybe just one good coat

The food … it’s just excellent amazing, they are going to enjoy good food as basin is quite normal eat well anywhere but it never hurts to make sure where to eat well before ordering food.

You can eat pork with potato, or corn tortillas bronze prepared with a coffee during the day, I tried to eat one tortilla but I ended up eating seven tortillas, it was very nice.

Comida de cuenca








I suggest that is a journey that can go with family or friends, the good thing is that in Ecuador everything is close to everything so traveling together is nice to appreciate together the beauties ranging from the Galapagos Islands, then scans the beaches on the coast, then why not? Take a bike ride around the volcanoes in the mountains and then into the jungle of the Amazon and see the most beautiful in the world as it is nature at its best.


New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

It was the beginning of year 2014. I was at Las Vegas with my father (who lives there), my best friend and my cousin. New year at Las Vegas, what else can you ask for?

There this big publicity of the famous new year show, all the fireworks, the nightclubs full of artists, it makes it even hard to decide what you want to do! However, New Year’s Eve is a synonym for “be ready to spend lots of money” and not all of us are ready to spend our vacation budget in a single night. If you want to have a great night and still not spending a fortune, here are some highlights from my experience that may help you:

  1. Plan your night with enough time in advance and either book in the restaurant you want to go, buy your entrances to the nightclub or show, or plan your itinerary, considering how to move from one place to another. One important thing to know is that all the closest streets that access to the Strip are closed that day since the afternoon.
  1. Avoid using cabs. Cab drivers really make their night on New Year’s Eve! They charge more than double from regular prices. Instead, buses have a special long schedule, so they are available all night (or almost all night). Cab or bus, you will likely be dropped you off 3 or 4 blocks away from the place you want to get to, since (as i mentioned before) streets around the Strip are closed. Most important than everything: don’t drive if you are drinking. Police patrols are everywhere, stopping cars for no reason and randomly so avoid accidents to happen and your night to get ruined.
  1. No high-heels. Or at least, keep them on your purse until you get to the place. New Year’s Eve is all about walking, and unless you are a professional model, you may not be comfortable with talking half an hour in high-heels; plus, by the time you get to your destination, your feet will be destroyed.
  1. Prepare your drinks. A great way to save money on that night is to have your drinks prepared on your own. Many people plan to spend the night only walking at the Strip and it is actually a great idea! You can see the fireworks from there, enjoy the party atmosphere everywhere, enjoy the hotel’s lighting and decoration from outside and inside and do all that while having a drink. In Vegas it is legal to walk in the street and be drinking at the same time, so you can fill a soda bottle with rum and coke, a thermo with vodka and pineapple juice or whatever you prefer. You will save LOTS of money by having your own drinks at least for the beginning of the night.
  1. If you wanna go to a nightclub, be sure to have a large group, or join one. New Year’s Eve reservations for nightclubs are only available if booking a table and they usually come with at least 2 bottles, non-negotiable rate. And let me tell you: rates can be pretty high! The best way to avoid paying a fortune is to be with a large group so you can split the bill between everyone. If the bottles are not enough, once inside you can get personal drinks per glass, but you will already be inside enjoying the famous DJ that will most likely be playing and celebrating the start of a new year with tons of people sharing your mood.

With those helpful tips given, now let me share my last 2013 night with you! We decided to have a small dinner at home, since my father lives in an apartment that has A GREAT view to the Strip so we thought fireworks would be better appreciated from there.

Then we prepared our yards and took the bus to the Strip. We walked all over the Strip for about an hour and finally decided to enter Encore nightclub, where my cousin’s boyfriend used to work. We had a blast that night (and an unbelievable hangover the next morning).

Even though you can never have a bad night in Vegas, this date specially will surely exceed your expectations! Be cautious, have fun and take lots of picture so you can remember New Year’s Eve in Vegas forever.