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Weekend getaway to Tulum

A trip is always a good way to clear up the mind, and nothing better to choose Tulum for a relaxing weekend. You can choose hundred of articles online of things to do in Tulum and what to do. So I personally made this article so you see my experience “Weekend Getaway to Tulum”. It is always different on each trip and I took advantage to take many shots.

Woke up early in my living town Cancun on a Friday. I did not know what to pack exactly but took everything possible to enjoy the beach, sun, hotel, food and lot more.

Left Cancun at 5 pm and the trip was very interesting. You could see all hotels and resorts of Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and finally Tulum. The trip lasted approximately one hour and a half.

I highly recommend DiscoveryMundo.com to find private and luxurious transportation; if you fancy a vehicle with air conditioning, latest models, with a stop of 5 minutes free in a grocery store and where you can have drinks.

I love traveling, and finally it was night to arrive to the hotel. It was not exactly what I expected.. Like a luxury hotel 4 star in front of the sea. But it was very clean, rustic and well ubicated in the downtown. We had a car and could reach easily where we planned. In front there was many shopping stores, restaurants and passenger trucks traveling outside the hotel. We took advantage of that night to take a ride, there where people all over the city, and many hippies. We then had dinner in a italian restaurant, Pizzeria La Querida, for pizza, beer and wine. In front of us there was a souvenir market. We laughed and talk a lot, then the hippies came to play instruments, looks like they live from that in Tulum. Finally we went to rest to the hotel.

On the next day we went to spend the day at Coco Tulum. Stayed lay in the bed we rent on the seashore for relaxing and ordered some drinks and food. My favorite food is ceviche! I had a long time wanting to get in the sea so I stayed there for a while.

We were practically almost all day in that hotel and at night we spend in the car and stop on the grocery store and enjoy the time left in Tulum.

Where to eat? If you are looking for a place to eat in Tulum had a ride on the main avenue of hotels and restaurants in front of the sea, Carretera Tulum, you will find everything. Best recommendations are:

Chamicos: es un restaurante unfussy and unpretentious daytime beach shack sports plastic lawn furniture and offers up massive plates of cheap, super-fresh, locally caught mariscos, some prepped over a wood-fired grill. After the meal, grab a crisp, icy Corona, and take a siesta in one of the scattered hammocks. 

Taqueria Don Beto: is where everyone will say to eat cochinita pibil tacos (this list included), for a more hidden gem that’s just as great, albeit a touch greasier, head down the block to Don Beto. This typical, no-frills taco and torta place is where one will find the local policia ordering cochinita pibil slipped into their vessel of choice by bare-handed ladies who pull the citrus- and spice-laced slow-roasted pork from a metal vat layered with banana leaves. While many do order the cochinita torta, the bread can be quite dry and flavorless, so tacos are really the way to go. Pro tip: If less fatty meat is desired, just ask.

Don Cafeto: One of Tulum’s oldest restaurants, Avenida Tulum stalwart Don Cafeto offers a quintessential Mexican dining experience: large portions of good quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, and other Mexican staples at low prices. But insiders know that the meal to have here is breakfast. Follow the locals’ lead and order the open-air restaurant’s Mayan breakfast, which includes fried eggs over tortillas, topped with cheese, salsa, peas, and ham. Pro tip: Don Cafeto is also near Ki’ Bok, which serves the best coffee in the city.

Taqueria Honorio: Locals will say that Tulum’s best breakfast tacos can be found about a 10-minute drive from the hotel strip at Taquería Honorio, a divey, sort of makeshift place with serious cochinita pibil — a fragrant regional Yucatán pork dish that’s slow cooked with orange, achiote, and other spices like cumin, cinnamon, and allspice. In plain view, cooks throw wads of masa onto flat tops, yielding thick, rustic tacos which they slap with proteins (pork or beef). Keep in mind, though, that this is a breakfast spot, and the day is done at 1:30 p.m.

You can also take advantage if you would like to buy some souvenir in Tulum or typical things of Mexico. Like cups, hammocks, shirts, pants, hats, dream catchers, headbands, fabrics and many more things. Artesanies and mexican clothes are very colorful!

On Saturday Night instead of going out on a bar or discoteque cause we where in family we found a very nice restaurant inside La Luna. Ordered a plate of rice, fish, chicken and wine. The restaurant is very cozy with open windows to enjoy the breeze.

On Sunday morning we packed everything to get back to Cancun, we simply checkout from the hotel and took the car to get back, if you are staying in Cancun take advantage of stopping in Playa del Carmen or Puerto Morelos. We stopped in Playa del Carmen and enjoy all the 5th avenue. The shopping stores had clothes promotion and good brands.

What to do in Tulum, Mexico

Why is everyone so obsessed with Tulum? On the southern end of Riviera Maya lies the incredible town of Tulum. This magical place is a paradise for everyone. I love places in touch with nature, the sea and peace.. where you can lay in a hammock at night watching starry skies, hearing the sound of the ocean and breathing the salty air.

In Tulum; you will find ecological hotels, bohemian bars, local taco trucks and artists. Travelers and people who visit are not seeking to change to local customs.. Each person in Tulum follows their own path and blend themselves creating an interesting atmosphere!

What to do in Tulum, Mexico? Here are some things you are probably gonna do:

1. Walk in the picturesque streets

What-to-do-in-tulum-n-1This interesting environment is unique, you will love to explore those streets and turning like a local. The morning is for shopping, trying some of the food at the corners and the nights turns lively for spending the night at bohemian bars.

2. Ride a bike on Tulum’s beach road

What-to-do-in-tulu-2When you stay in a hotel in Tulum, you’ll probably get a bike for free but if not, you can rent a bike. This is pretty cool because you can watch all the local stores, people at the beach and if you hold, you can visit the Mayan Ruins.

3. Discover the Mayan Ruins of Tulum


Tourists love it for being the only archaeological site built overlooking the ocean. Take this tour by walking throught all the structures and the most iconic, “El Castillo” is disposed on the edge of a cliff overlooking the clear turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. 

4. Hit to Playa Paraiso

What-to-do-in-tulum-n3Go to the south along the road to Boca Paila and you’re gonna find Playa Paraiso “Paradise Beach”. This name is real for that clear ocean and white sand. There are many lockers and change rooms to save your clothes for a while, also a restaurant and many local food in the area to buy some snacks or drinks.

5. Eat Tacos

C-3Starving or not, tacos are a must!!! Tulum has insane, good and delicious tacos. The best ones are found on the streets. If you head to Tulum’s downtown area, get to “Antojitos La Chiapaneca” to try the best tacos al pastor in all Tulum. Each one is seven pesos. Put all the salsas in your tacos and just be careful with the spicy ones.

6. Have a tropical drink

c4While cackling with your accompaniment you must try one of the famous beach drinks: Coconut, Piña Colada, Mezcal,  Maracuya, Mojito, etc.

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