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Otherworldly Adventure in Xplor Park – Ziplines & Underground Rivers

A thrilling mix of high-flying fun & magical sightseeing, when it comes to adventure in Riviera Maya, few places compare to the wonder of Xplor Park – home to 14 of the region’s highest ziplines, miles of tropical trails, & underground rivers.

If you’re looking for an adventurous, distinctly Yucatan experience, this 145-acre eco park near Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to spend the day or night. From the minute you set foot in Xplor, you know you’ve entered a sacred place, slowly shaped by millions  of years of geology, as well as the painstaking efforts of developers and conservationists.

The tropical park is a soaring and sunken network of bridges, treetop platforms, underground rivers, and deep dark caves full of jaw-dropping rock formations. Altogether, daytime guests are welcome to enjoy 14 of the region’s highest ziplines, more than six miles of trails for amphibious vehicles, and over a kilometer of crystal cave waters for rafting – not to mention unlimited smoothies / juices and a BBQ lunch buffet.

The Highest Ziplines in Riviera Mayakkk1Totaling almost 4 kilometers, the 14 zipline runs at Xplor include a thrilling 148-foot descent, and another that plunges 25 feet underground.

Romp the Jungle Above & Below Ground

Ages 18+ are welcome to steer their own John Deere amphibious vehicle across bridges, through the mud, underground and in the water.kkk2Explore Otherworldly Caves

Easily the park’s most magnificent sights are the glistening stalactites and stalagmites that fill the honeycomb of caves entwined across its grounds. This magical formations have taken millions of years to form, with both raft and swim / hiking circuits available.kkk3

A Bevy of Nighttime Thrills

Those seeking another level of fun should consider visiting Xplor Fuego, as the park comes alight with sunset views, torches, and a sea of stars overhead.kkk4

What to Bring

Since admission includes a locker, don’t forget a towel, your swimsuit, shorts, a t-shirt, water shoes, and biodegradable sunscreen.

Extreme Tours in Cancún Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away

The only way to relax is filling your vacation with adventures like soaring through the jungle on ziplines, snorkeling with whale sharks, romping the jungle in Hummer, floating along an underground river, & diving to a breathtaking underwater museum.

Not only are Riviera Maya vacations all about savoring a relaxing escape in paradise, they’re also an ideal opportunity to enjoy adventures you might not otherwise indulge. How can you really relax if you haven’t spent a few hours snorkeling with whale sharks, diving in shipwrecks, zipping through the tropical jungle on a speedboat, or floating along on an underground river? Truth is, the more you get your pulse pounding on Cancún extreme tours, the more it will slow down the next time you peace-out on the beach or by the pool. Here are a few of our favorites to help you plan your own:

Swim Alongside the Largest Fish in the World

Nothing puts things in perspective quite like Whale Shark Snorkeling with the experienced guides at Scuba Cancún. Now through September, you can dive into the Caribbean with these massive, friendly creatures. How do they top 30 feet long eating only plankton? They eat it by the ton, and bear no threat to humans.Extreme Tours in Cancún Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away 1Explore the Jungle By Land or Sea

Numerous local tour providers offer land and sea tours of the tropical jungle in Riviera Maya. To captain your own speedboat through the mangroves, book a Cancún Adventure Jungle Tour, complete with over an hour of snorkeling. If you prefer to romp in the mud, contact Hummer Jungle Tours to plan your rain forest trek through Mayan ruins, animal encounters, cenote swimming, ziplines, ATV trail riding, and lunch by the beach.Extreme Tours in Cancún Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away 2The All-in-One Fun of Xplor Park

For thrill-seekers who want to do it all, head to Xplor Park. Your admission grants access to 14 of the Riviera’s highest ziplines, amphibious vehicles, and underground rivers lined with otherworldly rock formations sure to take your breath away.Extreme Tours in Cancún Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away 3Unparalleled Scuba Diving

Tours of the hundreds of magical sunken statues that make up the artificial reef of Cancún Underwater Museum (MUSA), the second largest coral reef in the world, and local shipwrecks are available from the trusted local divers at Scuba Diving Cancún.Extreme Tours in Cancún Guaranteed to Take Your Breath Away 4