Gordon Clay
May 24, 2017
Amazing service, On-time, Safe Drivers
Our flight was delayed several different times the same night for our arrival, and at each point when I contacted Discovery Mundo, they were very quick to update our pickup time, and with no problem at all. I love the fact that their customer service was accessible at all hours of the day or night. And I could contact them directly through my phone via text and calls. Our driver from the airport was super courteous & very friendly. We were not staying in a hotel, but in some condos that weren't on the main strip in Tulum, and he still found the place with no problem. For our return to the airport, once again our flight got delayed at the last minute, and I was able to speak to my driver directly and ask him to accommodate a slightly later departure, which he did. And again, he was super courteous and very friendly, and an excellent driver. And this was a different driver! So it seems that all their drivers are very good and very friendly. I will definitely use this service again! I highly recommend it.

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Discoverymundo answered:

Hello Gordon,
We hope everything went as planned. Thank you for taking the time to make this review.
We will be waiting for you on your next trip and next time will try to make it even better.
We really appreciate this. Have a nice Day Gordon