Shirley Phippen
Jan 30, 2020
Arrival stressful because of airport delays
I prebooked a return transfer with DiscoveryMundo from the airport to the Isla Mujeres ferry. The plane arrived on time but the lines for immigration were across the airport and we were dead last. It took well over an hour for processing. By the time we got outside we could not find our driver where we understood he was to be (although he later claimed he was there all the time I found that hard to believe). I called the number we are given to call for help several times but there was only a recorded message. I went around looking for about 20 minutes and finally gave up and went inside the airport to arrange another ride. While in there I received a text message from the driver asking if we were still at the airport. After that I was fine because I had a responsive contact and we were able to connect up and get to the ferry.

The return trip was perfect.

It was not DiscoveryMundo’s fault that the airport process was so lengthy but it would have been super helpful to have had a way to connect with a real person during the process. It was a pretty stressful arrival.

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