Lisa Terrell
Aug 19, 2015
Puerto Aventura Royal Dolphin Vip
What an amazing excursions . Having traveled to Mexico for the last 14 years, we have waiting until all 3 of our children have reached an age (14, 17 ,20) where they would appreciate the magnitude of what they will have done. BTW, I did not tell them what we were doing. I gave them 30 minutes after breakfast to be prepared to leave and get wet.
Our morning started by being picked up from the resort at 10:15. It was a short ride to the Gated community of Puertro Aventuras. After a quick check in, we were told where to meet for our 2 hour Catamaran trip.
(that's all they thought we were doing)
We were allowed to view the Manatees in a beautiful lagoon, watched people interact with the Sea Lions and had a peek at the Dolphins before we left. It was so hard to not tell them they had a big day ahead..
Catamaran ride was fun. (12 people) Snorkeling was OK.. not a lot to see and after about 30 minutes my daughter and I had enough. My husband and two sons took the life vests off and dived down as far as they could go. Beautiful water and wonderful guides that pampered us the whole 2 hours.
We were lucky enough to be in a group of our own for the next 3 events. Life jackets and a presentation of how the next hour would proceed took about 15 minutes.
We were escorted to a gated area of the marina then down some steps onto a platform about 3 feet deep in the lagoon. We had a private photographer, guide and two dolphins to ourselves for an hour!!!! Two different push rides for each of us. Enough touching and petting that made us fall in love with these majestic animals. We left the water on a high that none of could ever expect. All of the kids, including my husband, were thanking me for an amazing day.. They had no idea it was far from over ;)
Our photographer, lead us to a new area where the Sea Lions were waiting for us. Standing on a 3 ft platform, the sea lion (a big wet dog) swam back and forth in front of us multiple times allowing us to pet him. One at a time we swam out in the lagoon and cradled him while pictures were being taken. Lead to a dry area where a few other people joined us for out of water time with the SL's. Pictures, kisses, and tricks gave us a new appreciation for the intelligence of this amazing animal.
Lastly, we were lead to the Manatees. These animals are massive yet extremely docile. Once again, petting, feeding and swimming. We were given snorkel masks, (would be nice to of had a snorkel) and allowed to swim around with head of lettuce to feed them.
When the day was completed we returned to the gift shop where we viewed the 168 pictures that were taken. I knew in advance the price would be high and was prepared to ask for a discount. There were so many beautiful pictures, for $300 I walked away with a CD of all of them. You are not allowed to take cameras or phones anytime during the tour so these are the only images besides memories and I couldn't leave them behind.
We waited for 15 minutes for our transfer back to the resort. As we sat there we learned about the community of Puerto Aventuras. It has it's own stores, restaurants, schools, golf course, hotels, condos.... We fell in love with it and are talking with a real estate agent how about buying a condo for our retirement.
Ride home was quiet. We were all exhausted and overwhelmed with the emotions from the day. A group hug before dinner and a few tears later, we realized this was a day none of us would ever forget and have a new appreciation for what God has created and are so thankful we got to experience it in such an emotional and personal way.

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Lisa, Thank you very much, we are glad to know that you use our services and that everything was fine. We appreciate your trust and preference and we look forward to serve you again in the near future!