James Newcomer
Mar 21, 2014
No Surprises...Expectations Met
Once arriving in Cancun, I was nervous about avoiding those in the airport as not to know what to expect. They even tried to convince me that once I'm outside I would not have an opportunity to follow up with my travel agency and that I needed to go through them to ensure my agency would be waiting. It's very convincing, but I avoided it and luckily found Discovery Mundo waiting. The individual did not speak fluent English, but enough to ensure me that he was aware of my arrival. I did have to wait for about 20 min before my transportation arrived, but it was very personable and met my expectations in arriving to my hotel. I was also able to confirm, at the airport, for my return trip back from the hotel. I was given a voucher on who my driver would be and what time to expect him at the hotel. It would be an early time, so it made me nervous wondering if he would show on time, but he was there was we were walking up to the lobby from our room. The driver did not speak good English and was all over the road on the way to the airport, but we made it safe and sound.

I want to make a note that it was confusing when I arrived at the airport because the uniforms said Best Day (BD) Transfer and not Discovery Mundo, but the clipboard that was held up had Discovery Mundo, so that's how I found the travel agency. It was also confusing at the hotel as they had a travel agency called Best Day Travel Agency, so I assumed they were the same company, but they weren't. I used them to try and confirm my departure from the hotel, but they could not find my confirmation and this was the cause of my worry. I was told by Hotels.com that the hotel did not provide travel to and from the airport, but it appears that the Best Day Travel Agency would have provided this transportation had I known of their existence.

I would use Discovery Mundo again as a service as they are very reliable and professional. However, it might just feel more comfortable using a service connected to the hotel.

Discoverymundo answered:

Dear James, thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with us. I would like to give answer to some of the inquiries you mention here so you can get a better idea of what you experienced.
The reason why the uniforms have the name of "Best Transfers" is because as a travel agency we are, we work with different providers in every of our destinations. Just to clarify, this company is different from Best Day although the name is very similar! Best Transfers is a local transportation company and Best Day is another large travel agenc, that is why they were not able to give you information on the booth they had on hotel.
Best Day, as i mentioned, is another travel agency as us, so they are not connected directly to the hotel, but they do have booths in many differents around the Mayan Riviera. That must be why Hotels.com did not mention their services.

I am very thankful for all the comments you are sharing as this is what help us to keep improving our service and offer a better traveling experience each time. It'd be an honor to be able to serve you again in Cancun or any other of our destinations available online.
We appreciate your trust and preference, and your review about the services received! Hope you had enjoy your vacation. Best wishes from Discovery Mundo!