Important Information in Your Visit to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful and enchanted Island located one hour from Cancun International Airport. Once you are in the vehicle it will take 30 to 35 minutes to arrive at the Ferry Terminal in Puerto Juarez, this terminal is normally what clients take. There is another one in the hotel zone, which we recommend taking if you are in a hotel close to that location. In Puerto Juarez you can choose from Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry or Marinsa Puerto Juarez Ferry, each ferry from Puerto Juarez takes from 20-30 minutes to get to the Island and it departs every 30 minutes from Port to Port. At the ferry station, you will find people that will help you with your bags, this service is included in the ferry ticket, you can give a tip to the porter.

Tip: if you decide to be in the top of the ferry, have your camera available to take some pictures of the beautiful sea in your way to Isla Mujeres!

Before completing your reservation: We highly recommend to Pre-book your roundtrip Ultramar Ferry tickets to Isla Mujeres and a cold drink for a smooth ride to Isla Mujeres from Cancun International Airport. The driver will provide the roundtrip Ultramar Ferry Tickets in your arrival at the airport, we sell them in 23 USD round trip per person and you can use them any date any time.

Cancun International Airport has 5 different terminals, after booking you will receive an email with the Arrival Instructions and meeting point depending on the terminal of your flight, we will track your flight during the day until you arrive, please make sure that you receive your transportation coupon with the correct information. A representative from Discoverymundo will be waiting for you outside the terminal of Cancun International Airport holding a white and blue banner with the logo of Discoverymundo and your name, after meeting him, which normally takes 30 minutes after your plane arrives, he will guide you to your assigned vehicle in the parking area of the terminal.

Note: Make sure you do not take the Family Exit since our drivers are not allowed to meet you there. Please take the Pre-book shuttle Exit to the Terminal.

Approximate time to get to Isla Mujeres from Cancun International Airport: Once you are in the vehicle would be around 60-80 minutes, it depends on the ferry that you take and if there was traffic from Cancun International Airport to Puerto Juarez.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The transportation service with Discoverymundo is only from Cancun International Airport to Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry, we ask for your hotel in Isla Mujeres in case we can not contact you by phone or email and we need to confirm any information on your departure.

How to get from Cancun International Airport to Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry? From Cancun International Airport, you can take a Private Taxi normally they are located outside Cancun International Airport in the family areas and the rates are a few dollars higher than other services, taxis are from 1 to 4 passengers, so if you are more than 4 you will have to pay for 2 vehicles.

Another option is the Private Shuttle to Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry which is normally our recommended option for a smooth ride, it most have to be booked before you arrive or at the moment of your arrival only by the website because if you take a Private Van with no voucher or prebooked order is illegal.

Last option available will be a Shared bus to Isla Mujeres from the ADO station located beside the Cancun International Airport, you will have to go all the way there with your bags there is no bus available to take you there, this is a good option if you are traveling by yourself on a budget and you don´t care too much to wait until the bus is full or to walk to the station, the bus will drive you ADO Station in Cancun and then you can take a taxi to Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry for about 45 Mexican pesos.

How to get around Isla Mujeres? There are taxis available outside the ferry station in Isla Mujeres and they charge around 35 to 50 Mexican pesos to take you to your hotel, everything is super close in Isla Mujeres the Island is Length: 7 km (4.3 mi) and Width: .65 km (0.404 mi), if your hotel is near and you only carry a small bag you can go waking too and enjoy the local stores in the area, you will find a lot of people walking in their bathing suit, glasses and a hat for the sun.

To get around Isla Mujeres you can also choose to rent a golf cart for half a day or 24 hours for around 700 Mexican pesos (they will ask for a license). Some hotels like Mia Reff have their own Golf Carts or people that can take you in a golf cart wherever you need to go during the day, ask your hotel if they can pick you up when you arrive at Isla Mujeres, this option might work too.

For Departure Service with Discoverymundo: We arrange your departure pick up time from Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry automatically so that the pickup time is scheduled 3.30 hours before your flight. This means that you will be at the airport around 2.50 hours before your departure flight time, don´t worry if you do not agree with this time you can change it anytime 24 hours before your departure service with no extra charge.

Each ferry departs every 30 minutes, choose the ferry 30 minutes before your departure pick up time from the Ferry Station in Isla Mujeres.

Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry (Cancun) to Isla Mujeres:

- 5:00 am FIRST FERRY

- 11:30 pm LAST FERRY

Isla Mujeres to Ultramar Puerto Juarez Ferry (Cancun):

- 5:30 am FIRST FERRY

- 12:00 pm LAST FERRY

The climate in Isla Mujeres: Isla Mujeres is a Paradise and a very hot place, make sure to bring some glasses, hat, bathing suit and all the energy to make water activities around the Island!

Bars and restaurants: Isla Mujeres is so much fun during the hot season, you can enjoy a ceviche in a front beach restaurant with a Margarita. You will find at the following link great options and information about the Best Restaurants in Isla Mujeres. 

Shopping in Isla Mujeres: Most of the stores in Isla Mujeres, are small local stores and decorated with a beach and Mayan style, where they usually sell decorations or clothing with a traditional style and beach clothes too. I remember that they sell some very original decorations made by hand. It is worth taking a walk and check if there is something of your interest.                                                           

Top Activities and things to do in Isla Mujeres: Rent a Golf cart and explore the streets of Isla Mujeres is a good idea to get to know Isla Mujeres more closely and also a fun activity, you can visit the beach and park your Golf Cart.

Going for a run on the beach in the morning is an activity that you will enjoy a lot or just a simple walk enjoying sunrise or sunset.

There is awesome sealife around Isla Mujeres, the main one is Arrecife Manchones where you can go on a tour with several people on a boat with all the equipment included, you will see a lot of sea life, fishes of all colors, take photos and enjoy the experience. There are also tours to swim with the whale shark, dolphins, and sharks.

You will find plenty of local tours companies offering this deals for your vacations. In the afternoon you can drink tequila, Mezcal or a Margarita with a friend, walk by the beach or just simply get some tan with a drink!

Price shown includes only ground transportation from Cancun Airport to Puerto Juarez Ferry (where you take the Ferry to Isla Mujeres) and back to Airport.

IMPORTANT! For your departure pick up note that the Ferry takes 30 minutes to get from Port to Port, you must take the ferry from Isla Mujeres 30 minutes before your departure pick up time.

Minivan Transportation to , Isla Mujeres

VW or similar

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Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
2 S Bags & 8 L Bags
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$ 85
$ 106
Save $21
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Economy Transportation to , Isla Mujeres

Sedan, Jetta or similar

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Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
1 S Bags & 2 L Bags
$ 85
$ 106
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Van Transportation to , Isla Mujeres

Toyota or similar

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Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
10 S Bags & 10 L Bags
$ 93
$ 116
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Minibus Transportation to , Isla Mujeres

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or similar

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Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
17 S Bags
$ 135
$ 169
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Premium Transportation to , Isla Mujeres

Suburban or similar

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$ 152
$ 190
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