Important Information in Your Visit to Cancun

For your transportation to Cancun: We highly recommend to pre-book some snacks and a cold drink for a smooth ride to Cancun from Cancun International Airport. You will find available this options after you select the type of shuttle to Cancun.

Cancun International Airport has 5 different terminals, after booking you will receive an email with the Arrival Instructions and meeting point depending on the terminal of your flight, we will track your flight during the day until you arrive, please make sure that you receive your transportation coupon with the correct information. A representative from Discoverymundo will be waiting for you outside the terminal of Cancun International Airport on the pre-book shuttle exit NOT the family exit, we are NOT allowed to go to that area. Outside the terminal, he will be holding a white and blue banner with the logo of Discoverymundo and your name, after meeting him, which normally takes 30 minutes after your plane arrives, he will guide you to your assigned vehicle in the parking area of the terminal.

Cancun has amazing turquoise beaches, very nice hotels, cool nightlife and fun places to visit. Cancun Hotel Zone and Cancun Downtown are located 20 to 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport by car depending on your hotel in Cancun. Once you are in the vehicle it will take that time to arrive at your hotel, villa or destination selected in Cancun.

Can I book my private transportation once I arrive in Cancun International Airport? Yes, you can book your Transportation to Cancun directly on the website, there is Free Wifi at the Airport and once you receive your coupon in your email, immediately we will assign a vehicle for your service, it might take 5 or 20 minutes it depends on the daily operation.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO WRITE THE AIRLINE AND FLIGHT NUMBER OF YOUR ARRIVAL, ONLY THIS WAY WE WILL KNOW IN WHICH TERMINAL MEET YOU. Exit the pre-book shuttle terminal NOT the Family area. The representative will be there waiting for you, if he says that the van is on his way you can relax at the bar with a drink or simple by his side, once the vehicle enters the terminal you will be directed to the van.

            Cancun Airport Transportation                  Cancun Airport Transportation

How to get to Cancun from Cancun International Airport? From Cancun International Airport, you can take a Private Taxi normally they are located outside Cancun International Airport in the family areas and the rates are a few dollars higher than other services, please note that taxis are from 1 to 4 passengers, so if you are more than 4 you will have to pay for 2 vehicles.

A Private Shuttle to Cancun which is normally our recommended option for a smooth ride or a Shared bus to Cancun from the ADO station located beside the Cancun International Airport, this is a good option if you are traveling by yourself on a budget and you don´t care too much to wait until the bus is full, the bus will drive you to the terminal located in Downtown Cancun and outside the Station you can take a taxi in the street to your destination, the minimum rate is 35 Mexican pesos.

How to get around Cancun? There are taxis available around the city, in Cancun hotel zone taxis charge more than in Downtown Cancun and we highly recommend if you have Mexican pesos to pay the taxi in Cancun, they are secure during the day, for the night after a long party we highly recommend to pre-book a Private shuttle or call a Private company taxi.

The bus of the Hotel Zone goes all around for 11 Mexican pesos per person one way, is very cheap and clean, it is kind of crowdy in top hours like 2:00 pm, in the early morning and at 7:00 pm, another transportation service in Cancun is OnDemand transportation of point to point services, which is a very good option if you are not going to a near place and you want a smooth ride, you can book this with us and we highly recommend it if you don´t want to take a taxi in the street.

                                             Taxi in Cancun

The climate in Cancun: Normally during the day is super sunny and hot, the sky in Cancun is very blue with some white clouds and the wind gives you that sensation of vacation when you are walking around. When it seems that is going to rain normally in the mornings or in the afternoons it will last about 10 minutes unless is a storm. Something interesting about Cancun is that it can be raining with the sun and after 30 meters there is no rain at all. Cancun International Airport 10 Days Weather

Local Food and restaurants: there are plenty of very nice and delightful restaurants around Cancun Hotel Zone you can choose from Mexican food to an Italian Restaurant, the attention is very good. In the Center of Cancun if you book an All Inclusive Hotel we highly recommend to at least visit one of the restaurants in the Hotel Zone which will cost about 25 - 35 USD for a very nice meal, awesome view if you choose a front lake restaurant and a variety of nice drinks, the view to the lake with the music and the experience are the bests. You can find here from Trip Advisor The Best Restaurants of Cancun according to the travelers.

       Restaurants in Cancun          Restaurants in Cancun

Top recommended activities in Cancun: We recommend to visit in Cancun the Isla Shopping Mall, is in the middle of the Hotel Zone of Cancun and there are plenty of restaurants, shop stores, and activities like watching the dolphins or visiting the Wax Museum.

Capitan Hook is another great option to visit in your vacations to Cancun that you can not miss! It starts in the afternoon they will take you all around Cancun with music, pirates fighter, and a nice meal.

Punta Nizuc is a great and colorful place to visit in a boat, you will find a big Arrecife with a lot of fishes, plus you are able to see the sunset returning to the port. Click here to find more activities and tours in Cancun.

Economy Transportation to , Cancun

Sedan, Jetta or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
1 S Bags & 2 L Bags
$ 62
$ 78
Save $16
Estimated price
Minivan Transportation to , Cancun

VW or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
2 S Bags & 8 L Bags
Booked 2 times in the last 24 hours.
$ 76
$ 95
Save $19
Estimated price
In high demand!
Van Transportation to , Cancun

Toyota or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
10 L Bags
$ 124
$ 155
Save $31
Estimated price
Minibus Transportation to , Cancun

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
17 S Bags
$ 125
$ 156
Save $31
Estimated price
Premium Transportation to , Cancun

Suburban or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
2 S Bags & 5 L Bags
$ 135
$ 169
Save $34
Estimated price

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