Terms and Conditions

All transport operated by Discoverymundo.com " Discoverymundo.com " is subject to the following Terms and Conditions , hereinafter ("Terms" ) . By accepting these Terms , you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions of use below, and any future revision and additions, as published in : www.discoverymundo.com/terms-and-conditions .

By agreeing to these Terms of Service, it confirms that you understands how our service works. For clarification, please consult the FAQ page before accepting these terms.


1.1. Bookings for transfers in general, are only valid for the date, time and number of passengers specified in the coupon generated by the website. Discoverymundo.com is not responsible for the reservation or expenses incurred as a result of customer’s mistakes. If changes were required in the reservation, the customer must give notice to Discoverymundo.com and make sure that they receive their updated coupon. All changes are subject to additional charges. It is responsability of the customer to verify the coupon of reservation before the pick up. 

1.1.1. Any change that haven’t been informed and / or confirmed by the main office of Discoverymundo.com, and reflected in an updated coupon showing the new data is considered invalid. If the coupon information does not match what the client tells to representative (more passengers trying to board, wanting to go to a different destination, have a different date of arrival , etc. ) driver may refuse to provide the service, or alternatively, charge an extra amount of money .

1.1.2. Changes made with the representative does not count as valid unless there is confirmation from the main office, which can be reached by email or telephones shown on the website.
Discoverymundo.com will not be responsible for errors in services that are generated from unconfirmed changes by the main office and if this occurs, the reservation will lose the right to any refund or compensation.

1.2. The reservations that are made for departure transfers with the airport as destination, are guaranteed for the customer to arrive on time for their flight based on departure time of flight indicated and the location of their hotel. In case that the customer selects a different pick up time from the one recommended by the system, they do so at their own risk and are no longer eligible for a refund of time delays, after the 15 minutes window, or for reimbursement of the resulting costs.

1.3. The vehicle should arrive within the 15 minute window from the time indicated in your coupon . It is your responsibility to be ready and waiting at a visible point of pickup, at the time shown on your voucher and to stay in that place during and until the end of the 15 minute window. If the client fails to do so, he/she may inhibit our ability to provide service, which can result in forfeiture of the fee paid . In the same way, the driver has responsibility to wait for the client 15 minutes after the pick up time indicated on the voucher ; if the client does not arrive on schedule, or the extension of 15 minutes, the no-show will be applied and all rights for refund will be lost. The customer will receive several emails that the vehicle was waiting in the pick up point. 

1.3.1 In case that a service cannot be provided as booked due to natural unexpected events, including but not limited to: earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, fire, cyclones, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, etc. Discoverymundo.com is not responsible to refund any amount to the customer and is able to change the service plans if the life of any team members is at risk and/or if the Operation is being seriously affected. Discoverymundo.com has the responsibility to inform the customer in a timely manner that the service is not going to be provided through the provided contact phone numbers, email, or any other contact via available. Discoverymundo.com and the customer can reach to an agreement, if possible, to compensate the unfortunate events. This will not be considered a service cancellation by the company and neither considered a No Show by the customer. 

1.4. It is customer's responsibility to check his/her email for any service updates or any additional information required , this in order to provide our customers with a quality service and to keep the right for reimbursement if any mistake from our part happen; any questions the client may have, can be answered by calling the telephone numbers shown on Discoverymundo.com website.

1.4.1. Reservations made in advance for arrival at the airport does not guarantee that a van will be waiting on the parking lot at the arrival time; due to security considerations, most airports do not allow us to have vans lined at the sidewalk/parking lot. However, we have vans assigned to each service, waiting outside the the airport, just minutes away. A company representative will be responsible to assist you from the time of arrival until the end of the service. Waiting times for pickup from the airport terminal may vary from one city to another.
For shared services in which the waiting time is greater than expected, the customer must wait the neccessary time to take their service; if they decide to take an alternative transport , Discoverymundo.com takes no liability to reimburse the amount paid at time of booking, nor to cover the additional expenses caused by their decision.

1.5.Last minute reservations.
Last-minute bookings are reservations made less than 24 hours (according to the destination local time) before the requested pick-up time. We can’t guarantee service availability or timely service for last-minute bookings. The availability will depend on a variety of conditions, including pickup location, destination and the current availability of vehicles. These reservations may result in longer waiting time at the airport and changes in the cancellation policy.

1.5.1. If the service is booked less than 24 hours prior to pick and Discoverymundo.com could not confirm the availability of vehicles for service, the customer will be notified by email that the service has been cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded.

1.6. No Show.
The No Show occurs when the operator can’t find the customer at the designated meeting point for pick up and Discoverymundo.com can’t locate the client for further instructions using the contact details provided within a reasonable period of time; this with the intention of not putting other passenger’s transfers or the rest of the operation in danger.

1.6.1. In the case of arrivals, the client will have two hours from the time his flight lands to report any unusual situation, which may cause a delay or an emergency, if after two hours the customer has not contacted the representative at the Airport, reported Discoverymundo.com anything, or responded to attempts of contact by Discoverymundo.com, No Show will be applied and the customer will lose the right to refund. The No Show will be notified via email. If the client does not appear at the arrival in the airport, the driver will ask the airline of the arrival if he was on that plane. In case it's a no, the reservation will be definitely No Show and the client will receive an email. 


2.1. The rates established in our website does include taxes and other fees; the amounts not included in rates are the tip to driver and tolls, the amount of tips is under your consideration and is not mandatory.

2.2. Private Transfers Rates shown on the website are only valid if the desired service is reserved at the time, and the booking is confirmed, otherwise, prices may vary. A reservation is considered confirmed when the customer has received both confirmation voucher showing details of the transfer and a notification that payment has been made. It is the responsibility of the client to review that the email confirmation is all correct. In case of reservation of Shared Service, it has to be 48 hours in advance, if the client wants to book a shared service on that 48 hours, the client must call the company or send an email for availability. 

2.3. Additional stops.
Customers wishing to add an additional stop should request it at the moment of booking in the Comments Section or by contacting the main office, prior to arrival. Stops are subject to availability and may result in additional charges.

Customers must pay at the time of booking to secure the reservations. All charges are processed at the time of booking, the accounts are billed after the reservation is completed and bookings are refundable under the terms indicated in the cancellation policy cited below. We definitely do not accept payments in cash. We ONLY accept payments in cash to Mexican customers that we personally contact.

2.5. Discounts.
Promotions, discounts or packages, are received by a code that reaches the email provided by the client, found online on different websites or may be provided by any member of the company. For the discount to be applied to a normal rate, the booking must comply with the parameters set out in the promotion and use a valid/active code. In case the driver gives you a discount coupon, it will be only valid for transportation and in the main website www.dicoverymundo.com

2.6. Refund.
The customer will have 7 days counting from the day that service was provided, to request a refund if the service, for some reason, wasn’t of his/her satisfaction; the request will be evaluated by Discoverymundo.com. Failure to request a refund within 7 days, Discoverymundo.com will be forced to deny the right to request a refund. The refund takes from 5 to 15 days to be transferred to the client's account.

2.6.1 In specific cases, the refund will be made through a payment platform different from the one used by the customer upon booking.

In case a customer wants to cancel a trip, it must be done 48 hours before pickup time (according to local time at destination) to receive a partial refund.

Cancellations made two (2) days, or less, of the transfer date, will be penalized with 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

Cancellations made three (3) or more days before the transfer date will be penalized with a penalty of 30% of the total reservation.

2.7.1. If the transfer is canceled by Discoverymundo.com, the customer will be notified via email and will be reimbursed the full amount paid for the service.

2.7.2. Flight cancellations and delays due to airlines.
Reservations affected by airline delays and cancellations can qualify for a refund or an itinerary change as long as the customer contact Discoverymundo.com by telephone, on the website or by email ; the lack of contact with Discoverymundo.com at the right time can be considered the abandonment of booking and may result in the loss of the amount paid.


3.1. The customer is responsible to correctly specify the amount of luggage intended to take into the vehicle during booking, also should he/she carry valuables, priceless items or some kind of pharmacist, these must be kept in their possession during the course of the trip.

3.2. Baggage restrictions.
For each passenger, the following is accepted on board the vehicle, with no additional charge:
1 piece of luggage, weighing 50 pounds or less each.
1 piece of hand luggage, such as bags, briefcases, wallets, briefcases, backpacks.

3.2.1. Larger items will be stowed in the vehicle trunk for the safety of all passengers. Customers carrying sports equipment or larger amount of luggage may require an exclusive shuttle service, therefore they must give notice to Discoverymundo.com at the telephone number listed on the website to fit their needs prior to the service date (This service may incur in additional fees), via email or in the comment box when you are making your reservation. 

3.3. Damaged items.
Regular luggage wear is typical of the handling process, during transportation. The transport of large items such as luggage can lead to scratches, dents, and scrapes. Discoverymundo.com and its operators are not responsible for damage, such as broken handles, traction belts, broken wheels, or damages incurred as a result of excessive packaging, improperly packaged items, or fragile items.

3.4. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the belongings held in the main compartment of vehicle seats are properly packed and secured and that no breakable items may be unprotected while the service is used.

3.5. Lost items.
Passengers are responsible for their own luggage and any object placed by themselves or representatives of Discoverymundo.com in the van. Discoverymundo.com will not be responsible in case of damage, loss or theft of any property, including but not limited to, loss of future profits, potential revenues, and additional expenses or losses incurred as a result of lost luggage. 

Discoverymundo.com in an effort to help the customer tries to always check the vehicles after each service, to make sure no object was forgotten; in case of loss, contact the main office using the phones on the website of the company.

3.5.1. Forgotten/found objects may generate delivery charges and/or shipping costs that may need to be covered by the customer. That charge can be made by a link that we send via email or in cash to the driver. We take into consideration the time and gasoline. 


4.1. Seat belt.
Seat belts are provided for customer safety. Discoverymundo.com requires customers to use the belt while in the vehicle, as required by law. Drivers reserve the right to provide service to clients who do not comply with these rules.

4.2. GPS.
Some of our vans are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) for security reasons and for quality evaluations within the company and our services.

4.3. Smoking.
Smoking is prohibited in vehicles provided by Discoverymundo.com.


5.1. Transportation for people with disabilities. In compliance with federal regulations, the service we offer has vehicles available for customers with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs and those accompanied by service animals, at no extra cost; if you require this special service, you must notify it at the time of booking. For more information, you can call the numbers listed on the website.

5.2. Traveling with children.
Discoverymundo.com welcomes our younger travelers, accompanied by a responsible adult. When the customer is booking he/she must indicate the number of children traveling with them, so we can reserve a seat. State law does not allow children to ride in the lap of an adult if the child is under the minimum standard age/weight, a special seat must be provided for every child that applies to this standard. In almost every destination, we are able to provide the car seat(s) at no extra cost, but the customer must request it at the time of booking with no exception. Drivers reserve the right to provide the service to clients who do not comply with these rules.

5.3. Traveling with under-age children.
Passengers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the trip. For security reasons, drivers can refuse to provide the service if the child is not old enough to travel alone.

5.4. Pets.
Pets are allowed, if they are notified in advance to Discoverymundo.com, through the phones that are on the website, via email, or by adding the comments at the moment of booking. All pets, except service animals, should have a cage according to the size of the pet. All pets must be properly secured in the vehicle at all times.

5.5 Boarding under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
With the aim of providing a quality service, passengers are asked to board the vehicle in a conscious state. Drivers reserve the right to provide service to people under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The customer is responsible for providing precise information at the time of booking. When information about the journey is provided, customer agree that the information is accurate. Discoverymundo.com will not be responsible for the mistakes made by customers during the booking, so if Discoverymundo.com do not provide a service according to their quality standards or do not provide any type of service due to error by the customer, the right to reimbursement of amount paid is lost. Therefore it is your responsibility to verify the information contained on the coupon generated by the website at the time of booking, to make sure everything is correct.

6.1. Confirmation.
At the time of booking, the website generates a confirmation coupon, which is sent to the email provided by the customer; this message contains full details of the reservation made. Also, Discoverymundo.com may send messages before, during and after the trip as a reminder of the services that were/will be provided. It is responsability of the client to verify that all the information of the coupon is correct in the confirmation emails. 

6.2. Delays.
Discoverymundo.com and its partners are not responsible for considerable delays in the expected arrival time due to traffic conditions, weather, road, or any other unforeseen circumstances . In such conditions , Discoverymundo.com reserves the right to cancel and refund reservations, before the scheduled pickup.

6.3. Travel Times.
The shared services normally take longer than expected, as customers wait for other passengers who also asked the same service. Besides being affected by other passengers who share the journey, this service depends on geography, weather conditions, time of day and traffic conditions. Because of these variables, we can’t provide an exact travel time.

6.4. Service Notifications.
Sometimes there can be delays and changes in normal operations due to severe weather and traffic incidents. Whenever is possible, Discoverymundo.com will notify the customer in advance these unforeseen changes.

6.5. Quality survey.
We encourage customers to notify the quality of their experience and provide observations/recommendations that they may have, with the purpose of evaluating and improving the quality of our service.

A review reminder will be sent to customer’s email, three days after service was provided.

6.6. Limitations on compensation after a service failure.
When it is determined it was company’s fault, customers can receive a compensation in the form of a partial or full refund, through other means. In most cases where alternative transportation is taken and the customer pays for this extra service , we will refund the difference paid by the alternative mode of transportation , but not the cost of the original reservation made. In order to do this, customer should prove such payments with notes , invoices or any convincing evidence showing that the extra payment was made​​.

6.7. Time Limitations for Customer Complaint.
Customer acknowledge and agree that any claims related to services provided to the customer, including claims regarding damaged luggage or other incidental expenses, due to an alleged failure in service, must be mentioned within 7 days after the act or omission that is the subject of the claim. This applies for refund requests as well.

6.8. Refunds.
Refunds will be made through our payment platforms; the refund process may take approximately 7 to 10 business days, depending on the fiduciary institution to which you are enrolled, since some are slow to reflect the refund.


7.1. Privacy policy.
In Discoverymundo.com, we are committed to protect your privacy. We use the information you provide, exclusively to guarantee your reservation. Our privacy policy can be found on the website www.discoverymundo.com/privacy-policy.

7.2. Tours Policy.

7.2.1. You must present your voucher, physically or electronically (mobile, tablet, etc.) at the time of service. If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please contact Main Office as soon as possible via email or by calling the numbers listed on the website of the company; you should indicate your confirmation code. In most cases, we agree to make changes to dates and times, anyway, you must contact us to request tour date changes, to confirm.

7.2.2. In the case of tours with transportation included, will confirm thepick up time at least 12 hours in advance via email. It is important to consider that some hotels are not included in the list of pick ups; when this happens, you will be indicated the closest meeting point available, to ease the pick up process. We are not responsible for this situation and we do not commit to cover extra expenses caused by this situation.

7.2.3. If bad weather prevents the realization of the reserved tour, we will reschedule to the closest date for no extra cost. Either way, it is important to consider that most of our tour providers do not cancel activities unless weather conditions are extreme (as in the case of a hurricane or other disaster that may arouse), so if you want a change of date due to bad weather, contact our main office with as much time in advance as possible, via email or using the phone numbers found on the website, in order to provide a solution to your request.

7.2.4. The participation of people who are under the influence of alcohol or any toxic or narcotic substance is not permitted. Similarly, we encourage to respect the minimum age indicated for each tour; Discoverymundo.com is not responsible for prohibitions on tours booked through us, if the terms and conditions published were not respected by the customer.

7.2.5. If the customer wishes to cancel a tour, Discoverymundo.com apply the following policies:
-If you cancel within 48 hours prior to date of tour, you will not be charged any penalty.
-If the customer makes the booking cancellation in less than 48 hours of the tour date, we will charge 100% penalty of the amount paid.
-In case the tour is cancelled by Discoverymundo.com or its partners, customer will be notified by email and will be reimbursed the full amount paid for the service.

Last update: July 22, 2024