Nu Nu
Sep 12, 2015
No Major complaints
We got a round trip package.
Coming from the airport:
My brother and myself arrived in Punta Cana around 1pm After going through customs we made it to where all the shuttle/carrier counters area and looked for someone with a sign with my name on it, after being harassed by all the guys/taxi drivers trying to sale you a ride and being unable to locate someone we located the CoCo Tours and headed over to the counter.
I gave the man my passport, he crossed my name off the list and he lead us over to the van along with a group of five other people. The group of five got into one van and my brother and I got into the other van.The ride was ok, we were just happy we got a private ride for the price of a shared ride. The driver was going a little fast but not to fast to where we were scared. It was raining and we did not get a chance to get a look of the view while riding. The driver got a few different phone calls but made the calls short. We made it to the resort safe and he helped with our bags.

On the way to the airport.
Out flight departed at 3:24pm, the driver arrived at the resort a little after noon.We were the only ones to get on the van and was happy again to be getting another private ride. The driver got our bags and put them in the van and headed to the airport. Took about 10-15mins to get to the airport, he helped with our bags when we arrived at the airport.

The van
Very basic van,. out of date... nothing super fancy...good for getting you from point A to point B.

Discoverymundo answered:

Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to make this review. We are really happy to know that our service was as we planed, we will be waiting for you in the future.