Walter Unger
Mar 7, 2018
Shuttle from Arequipa Airport to Matarani Cruise Terminal
We were collected at the Airport by our driver promptly after our arrival as arranged. Our driver drove us safely the 2.5 hours drive between the two destinations and then spent a further 2 hours helping us get from the port to the cruise ship, as there was a problem with the port not giving us clearance to drive to the ship. He was very helpful, friendly, especially as it was very hot. We would thoroughly recommend the services of Discoverymundo.

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Discoverymundo answered:

Hello Walter,

Thanks for your review! I guess is the first time you travel to Cancun?? It would be great if you give us a review on Yelp or Google Reviews :) we would obviously reward you in some way on your next trip!!

Discovery Mundo Team