Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by customers using our services for the first time. If you don't find a response to your question please contact us.

  1. Why should I pre-book a private transportation service instead of taking a cab?

    Taxi service is not the same in every destinaton. Sometimes you cannot simply walk outside and hail a cab. You may always arrive and hire a transportation company to provide the service inside the airport, but without arranged transportation, you will not only be bothered by the timeshare bandits at the exit, most of the times you will pay more and will waste valuable time in yet another line to arrange this.

    After waiting to go through Immigration, waiting for your bags and waiting to go through customs, people just want to get out of the airport and have an assured transfer to their hotels. It's simply a matter of convenience.

  2. Which benefits do i get pre-booking with Discoverymundo?

    Pre-booking in our website, you will have 20% discount from the price you will get if you pay directly at the airport after arriving.

    Instead of making long lines to hire transportation, one of our representatives will be waiting for you, showing a big sign with Discoverymundo’s logo or your name (in case of VIP services) and after meeting him, you’ll go directly to your hotel, completely comfortable in our vans.

    Our representative will be always ready to assist you in anything you may need like helping you to get your luggage into the van, answer your doubts, etc.

    It is also a way to keep your vacation safe. When booking with us, all your information is stored in a master database where we record the vehicle number, plates, driver’s name, time departing the airport, drop off time at the hotel, etc. So if there was any mistake or issue, we will have the complete information to give a solution as soon as possible.

  3. Will I have to share my vehicle?

    It depends on the type of service chosen. If you booked Private or VIP Service: No, you will not share it. Our service is private which means we will only give the transportation to the number of people you indicated when booking. Also, please take in consideration that you can’t add extra people when arriving, without previously notification to our team.

    For some destinations we offer shared service. This service is shared with other people arriving at the same time.

    Please make sure to read the details of the service you are booking and that way you will know exactly what you are paying for.

  4. I'm arriving tomorrow, can I still book and get a service confirmation?

    Yes, our system is completely automated, so after making your reservation and paying the corresponding amount, you will receive the confirmation coupon on your email and we will provide the transfer service on date and time indicated.

  5. How do i locate my driver in the airport?

    After passing immigration service, pick up your lugagge, pass through customs and head up to the exit door corridor, you will see an area where many travel representatives are waiting for other people and holding signs. Our representative will be in that area, waiting for you and he will be holding a sign with the logo of Discoverymundo and/or your name. If you can't locate him just get any public phone at the airport and dial the local phone that we provided in your confirmation coupon and driver will be with you in a matter of seconds.

  6. What should i do if my hotel/destination is not in your listing?

    We try hard to have a vast list of hotels and destinations for our clients, but in case that the hotel or place you are going to, doesn’t appear on the list of our search engine, please go to our contact form and indicate where you are going and how many people will be traveling with you.

    With this information we will send you a personalized button that will redirect you to payment gateway, configured with the corresponding amount that you will need to pay.

  7. If i hired a roundtrip service, do i need to call to reconfirm my return service to the airport?

    If you booked a roundtrip service it is not necessary to do that, since we have an electronic scheduler that reminds us every service by date and hour until it has been completed. However if you feel more comfortable, our 24/7 customer service representatives may be reached via email, chat or phone to double check your pick up hour for returning to airport.

    In case your departure changes, it is necessary to contact us to update your reservation information in our system and avoid any confusion. No extra charges are made for date or hour changes.

  8. Will you wait for me even if my flight is delayed?

    We will be monitoring your flight since more than 3 hours in advance, so we will know if the flight is on time or if it’s delayed, we will know the exact hour of your arrival and will wait for you at no extra cost. If your flight is cancelled for any reason or you didn't catch the plane please email us as soon as possible, providing the new information for your arrival.

  9. How do i make a reservation?

    The first step is to choose your transfer type, it can be One Way or Roundtrip. Select the hotel where you are staying or the place you are going to; (when you start typing the name of your destination in our search engine, all the similar results in our database will show up) then select the dates for your arrival and departure, and the number of passengers that will be traveling in the van.

  10. How long before my arrival, can i book my reservation?

    We take reservations up to 6 months in advance.

  11. Is the tip to the driver included on your rates?

    No. Tips to drivers are optional and the amount is personal depending on your consideration about the service you received.

  12. Do i have to pay more if i bring much luggage or special equipment?

    No, our vans have enough space to accommodate the luggage, so you won’t need to pay any extra. The only request is to let us know if you think you bring more luggage than the common, so we can arrange which kind of vehicle to send you.

  13. How can i cancel my reservation?

    To cancel your reservation, you need to contact us via email to the same email from which we send the confirmation coupon. Before requesting a cancellation, please make sure to read our terms and conditions.

  14. Can i make changes on my arrival or departure date?

    Yes, most of the times it is possible but you need to contact us via email to request the changes, at least 24 hours prior to your service.


  15. Do you have car seats?

    Yes, we provide car seats under request. In regular service you can get 1 children seat for free, in VIP service we provide 2 children seat for free. Please indicate the age of your children, since we have different types of seats.

  16. Does the driver speak English?

    90% of our drivers speak english fluently and the other 10% speak enough to understand any of your needs and provide basic information. Anyway, if you have language communication troubles with driver, you can always contact the main office in the phones given to you in your confirmation coupon.

  17. May i book the service even if my arrival/departure is at midnight?

    Yes, our service is 24 hours, which means we will pick you up at any hour of the day you need. Just be careful when booking, to select AM or PM correctly.