Important Information in Your Visit to Tulum City, Tulum

Before completing your reservation: If you already know all your arrival and departure information to Cancun International Airport, you will find a lot of transportations to Tulum, from Minivan to Premium service and Limos. We highly recommend pre-booking some snacks and a cold drink for a smooth ride to Tulum from Cancun International Airport.

Approximate time to get to Tulum from Cancun International Airport: Once you are in the vehicle if there is no traffic you will arrive at Tulum in 90 minutes.

Cancun International Airport has 5 different terminals, after booking you will receive an email with the Arrival Instructions and meeting point depending on the terminal of your flight, we will track your flight during the day until you arrive, please make sure that you receive your transportation coupon with the correct information. A representative from Discoverymundo will be waiting for you outside the terminal of Cancun International Airport holding a white and blue banner with the logo of Discoverymundo and your name, after meeting him, which normally takes 30 minutes after your plane arrives, he will guide you to your assigned vehicle in the parking area of the terminal.

Note: Make sure you do not take the Family Exit since our drivers are not allowed to meet you there. Please take the Pre-book shuttle Exit to the Terminal.

How to get to Tulum from Cancun International Airport? From Cancun International Airport, you can take a Private Taxi normally they are located outside Cancun International Airport in the family areas and the rates are a few dollars higher than other services, please note that taxis are from 1 to 4 passengers, so if you are more than 4 you will have to pay for 2 vehicles.

Another option is the Private Shuttle to Tulum which is normally our recommended option for a smooth ride, it most have to be booked before you arrive or at the moment of your arrival only by the website because if you take a Private Van with no voucher or prebooked order is illegal.

Last option available will be a Shared bus to Tulum from the ADO station located beside the Cancun International Airport, you will have to go all the way there with your bags there is no bus available to take you there, this is a good option if you are traveling by yourself on a budget and you don´t care too much to wait until the bus is full or to walk to the station, the bus will drive you to Tulum.

How to get around Tulum? There are taxis available at the beginning of Tulum, they can take you to the hotel zone of Tulum and also there are bikes for rent and you can discover all the beauties of Tulum. The streets are very small so we highly recommend to go around Tulum on a bike if you only want to look around. If you want to go somewhere far you will have to pre-book a shuttle or wait for a taxi in the street.

The climate in Tulum: Normally during the day is super sunny and hot, but windy too. When it seems that is going to rain it will last about 30 minutes unless is a storm. The rainy and humidity months are from July to October with a lot of storms, after those months it is very hot all year. Make sure to always have protection for mosquitoes there are a lot in the afternoon. At night the stars are the top in Tulum, you will see plenty of them there while you hear the sound of the waves it is just simply a relaxing paradise.

Bars and restaurants: there are plenty of very good restaurants along the hotel Zone of Tulum, from very sweet and ecologic to romantic and fancy. Tulum is known for the veggie food and fruit drinks, they normally make dishes with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and quinoa. The prices in the restaurants are around 15 to 25 USD it depends on the meal and the restaurant. But the experience visiting Tulum is the top, you will love it and feel like you are so close to nature, so relax and nice.

Nightlife in Tulum: Tulum is a small town, bars and places to have fun at night are located in the center of the hotel zone, to party there are two or three places that will allow you with your friends to have a fun long night! There is no hard party in Tulum like in the 5th avenue of Playa del Carmen, but sure you can visit the palapas fancy bars to drink Margaritas or Mezcal, maybe dance after a few refreshing drinks is a great option!

Shopping in Tulum: Most of the stores in Tulum, are small beautiful places and decorated with ecological ambient, fresh and Mayan style, where they usually sell decorations or clothing with a traditional style. I remember that they sell some very original and beautiful lamps made by hand. It is worth taking a walk and check if there is something of your interest.

Top Activities and things to do in Tulum: One of the first things on your list of top activities in Tulum should definitely be to visit the ruins of Tulum that are in the entrance on the left side, it is a spectacle to go there especially for the view from the top of the mountain To the sea. Riding a bicycle and exploring the streets of Tulum is a good idea to get to know Tulum more closely. Going for a run on the beach and going through the rocks that are on the shore in the morning is an activity that you enjoy a lot if you are the athlete type. There are cenotes near Tulum where you can go on a tour with several people, take photos and enjoy the experience. Also, you will find companies offering water activities like snorkeling or scuba diving. In the afternoon you can drink tequila, Mexcal or a Margarita with a friend, walk by the beach or just simply get some tan with a drink!

Economy Transportation to , Tulum City, Tulum

Sedan, Jetta or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
1 S Bags & 2 L Bags
$ 226
$ 283
Save $57
Estimated price
Minivan Transportation to , Tulum City, Tulum

VW or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
2 S Bags & 8 L Bags
Booked 1 times in the last 24 hours.
$ 260
$ 325
Save $65
Estimated price
In high demand!
Van Transportation to , Tulum City, Tulum

Toyota or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
10 L Bags
$ 315
$ 394
Save $79
Estimated price
Premium Transportation to , Tulum City, Tulum

Suburban or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
2 S Bags & 5 L Bags
$ 360
$ 450
Save $90
Estimated price
Minibus Transportation to , Tulum City, Tulum

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or similar

Confirmation is immediate.
Fixed price - Billingual Driver.
Flight monitoring. Meet & Greet.
17 S Bags
$ 459
$ 574
Save $115
Estimated price

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