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The historic city of Xalapa is located in the heart of Veracruz, known mainly for its steep streets and beautiful flowers. It is a city of a lot of history with charming alleys, the most popular is the Callejon de Rojas and the other is the Callejon de Diamante, one of them still conserves the colonial style at present.

It has a beautiful cathedral in the center of the city with Baroque and neo-Gothic styles.

There are two museums in Xalapa, you can walk from one to the other and it will take you 30 minutes walking on Rafael Murillo Vidal Avenue surrounded by very father trees.

From the center of the city, the Interactive Museum of Xalapa is only 15 minutes away from the center of the city. There is a very famous walk in Xalapa, the Paseo de Los Lagos, has a zip line, feed the fish and turtles, go by boat or simply eat an ice cream while you travel the place.

We recommend walking through the streets of Xalapa to appreciate more closely its alleys, which inspire a lot of history.

Approximate time to get to Xalapa from Veracruz International Airport: once you are in the vehicle it will take approximately 90 minutes to get to the center of Xalapa.


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